About #StartupSouth

#StartupSouth is a Startup/Entrepreneurship ecosystem development project focused on the South-South/South-East, Nigeria. 

The goal is to educate, connect and attract support to founders and teams based in the South-South/South-East with a view to assist them build high-scale ventures capable of providing opportunities for the youths and ultimately develop the region. 

Our work helps the region mitigate migration of her best brains by enabling a larger ecosystem that’s intellectually stimulating and rewarding thus capable of retaining and then attract smart people.

The conference is one channel by which our goals are achieved. Aside from the conference, we collaborate with stakeholders in the region and several organizations outside to organize business and technology skill/capacity development projects. 

The aim of the conference is to create a platform that attracts people from across the regions and professionals from across the world to congregate in a city in the region annually. At the conference, people are able to meet investors, learn from experts and network with professionals. We also allow for an element of fun while using the opportunity to help guests discover the best of our host city.

The conference is conceived as a community project – which makes it possible for stakeholders and different organizations around the country to hold sessions within the conference. 

StartupSouth Conference converge founders, innovators and investors from across Nigeria and beyond to a city within the South-South and South-East of Nigeria, annually. StartupSouth is inspiring a generation of young founders to build scalable and investable businesses within the region and accelerate development.

The South-South/South-East population is approximately 60 Million people with a combined GDP of ~$70billion. With a massive young and educated population, it is a huge opportunity capable of lifting Nigeria beyond oil.

This year’s theme is Unlocking the Next 60 Million and core conversation will focus on Deepening Broadband Access, Affordability & Youth Employment in the South-South/South-East States. It will feature a special session of Governors in the region discussing the topic following a special keynote by Ms. Funke Opeke, MD & Founder, MainOne – West Africa’s leading fiber & network solutions provider.

StartupSouth demography comprises people between ages 18 to 52 – young founders, students, new graduates, academia, Government functionaries, mid-level working professionals and top level executives. They are interested in technology, Finance and early stage business funding.

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