Carl Oshodi

Carl Oshodi

Intelligence & Policy Expert

Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi is a security, intelligence and policy expert with over fifteen years of experience in National Security, Disaster/Crisis Management, Peacebuilding, Political development and Mental health with Government and as a private sector consultant in Nigeria (Ministry of Defense – Nigeria), Africa and Asia.

He is a trainer in high level government and private sector personnel and infrastructures protection. Carl is the Executive Chairperson of the African Youth Union Commission – an independent Youth cluster that works with young people while supporting them to develop innovative capacities in skill sets, capable of accelerating economic empowerment, which are in line with the decade plan of action and the continental development roadmap of the African Union.

In the security sector, especially around the West Africa and East African sub regions, Carl is well known to AU Peace and Security Council (as one of the exceptional military strategist), focusing on the development of innovative framework for assesses to basic Military, Conflict and Civil Societies cluster training and retraining engagement in the areas of decontamination of violent extremism with young people as critical indicators. He has been working with Ford Foundation and Mac-Arthur Foundations to build inclusive template for empowering local communities; with particular references to the inclusion of women and youth in the political process, democracy and governance Africa.

Carl Works with the Nigeria Space Agency as a cryptographer, specializing in algorithm for thrust relays, counter-intelligences, communication profiling, information schematic fortress, and helping government military complex in Africa to develop data management efficiency for fluid relays.

Carl holds a bachelor’s degree in Pure and Applied Psychology, A Cadet Academy Certificate in Political Science and Military Studies, Masters in Clinical Psychology (Environmental Profile) and a PhD in Conflict Management (Global Security and Intelligence Reporting). Carl is currently a recipient of the Leaders of Tomorrow’s Scholarship for the 2019-2023 Tiffin University ohio.

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