Emily Wale-Koya

I started my entrepreneurial journey while in the university. I later on graduated from school, got married and there, I launched three solid businesses (separately) of my own and woefully, I failed at all three, was neck deep in debt and had no idea on how I was going to come out of it. I needed to do something with myself and I needed a source of income to enable me keep going. But I also wasn’t cut out for the “I need capital to start a business” B.S, rent an office space, or all the other B.S we have been sold in this part of the world.

So I decided to do some strategic researching, and after a few days, I launched my first virtual product / a private training on whatsapp, which attracted over 12 people, who in turn paid me N5,000 each (a total of N60,000) to join the class. I was to teach them “how to profit doing what you love”… and I did.

The following month I hosted another session and this time I increased my fee; I charged N10,000 and again, the program sold out. I had 15 people register for this one and each of them paid me in full. I made N150, 000 in total; (simply by taking what I already knew and was super good at and offering people value from it, which they in turn paid for). Today, I have become an expert in my chosen field.

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