Philip Asuquotes

Philip Asuquotes

Strategy Expert

Philip Asuquotes is a strategy expert with over 10 years experience in strategy management and consulting. He started out his professional practice in his late teens after he pitched an advert idea to a renowned soft drink company and was given an offer to run a strategic media and PR campaign for the company. He horned his skills in strategic branding and communication and went on to consult for clients within Nigeria and abroad.

Mr. Asuquotes studied Mass Communication in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka but developed his skills beyond what was taught in the classroom thus arming himself with the requisite knowledge needed for practice in the media, PR and brand communications field. He further enrolled for several courses in business, branding and public relations after school even while already delivering results for his clients.

As a strategy expert, Mr. Asuquotes runs a strategy consultancy practice and also runs his signature strategy management coaching program that kicked off with a Strategy Management Masterclass.

He uses the program to coach selected individuals to become strategy experts or to apply and manage strategies for their brands, clients or employers. He also coaches groups and teams with this program.

He is also known for his corporate event planning and management. Thus, he has been behind the success of many corporate events that includes the World Changers Conference, PAQ SESSION, AFFIH Conference and Awareness walk, The Builtry Conference, several events by African Women in Leadership Organization, etc.

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